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Discover how Terrapin Technologies helps wealth management firms see the big picture, increase profits, and reduce risk.

United Brokerage Services Turns Direct Business into a Strategic Asset with Terrapin

Learn how Terrapin supports United Brokerage Services’ direct business model paving the way to consistent and scalable growth.

“Terrapin’s platform enabled United to process commission and payroll accounting for all lines of business, better administer the supervision and surveillance requirements of direct business and automate trade exception identification and review.”

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Fulton Financial Streamlines Commission Processing With Terrapin Technologies

This customer story explores how compensation management software streamlined commission processing for Fulton Financial Advisors.

“Terrapin is familiar with our industry. From an operations perspective, this really helps minimize risk for reporting on compensation, especially for internal and external audits.”

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Enhancing LPL Data with Business Process Automation


Read how a wealth management firm’s average monthly revenue grew 57% within one year by leveraging Terrapin’s automation software.

“The potential for human error was significantly reduced. Previously, errors were hard to track and lead to office-wide confusion. Now, they leverage a single source for data aggregation, making errors easy to track and solve.”

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Replacing Legacy Technology Platform Yields Increased Efficiency and Production

Learn how Terrapin overcame numerous implementation challenges when replacing a legacy technology platform for a Fortune 500 brokerage firm.

“The streamlining and automating of tedious manual work allowed the company to consolidate processing teams, which led to significant cost savings and more compliant processes.”

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Automating Compensation Enhances Back-Office Productivity for Northwest Financial Advisors

Discover how Terrapin’s compensation management solution enhances productivity for this nationally recognized wealth management firm.

“Working with Terrapin Technologies has delivered enormous value to Northwest Financial Advisors. Without having to hire additional staff to process spreadsheets manually, Terrapin’s technology supports our crucial need to quickly and accurately manage advisor compensation.”

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Business Process Automation Reduces Overhead And Mitigates Compliance Risk

Learn how a Fortune 500 wealth management firm increased efficiency and improved compliance processes with workflow automation.

“The results of automating these manual processes delivered significant efficiency gains and reduced costs, leading to a 90% decrease in the time spent onboarding these accounts.”

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