Customer Stories

Discover how Terrapin Technologies has helped broker-dealers and RIAs see the big picture, increase profits, and reduce risk.

United Brokerage Services Turns Direct Business into a Strategic Asset with Terrapin

Learn how Terrapin supports United Brokerage Services’ direct business model paving the way to consistent and scalable growth.

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Automating Compensation Enhances Back-Office Productivity for Northwest Financial Advisors

Discover how Terrapin’s compensation management solution enhances productivity for this nationally recognized wealth management firm.

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Fulton Financial Streamlines Commission Processing With Terrapin Technologies

This case study explores how compensation management software streamlined commission processing for Fulton Financial Advisors.

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Enhancing LPL Data with Business Process Automation

Read how a wealth management firm’s average monthly revenue grew 57% within one year by leveraging Terrapin’s automation software.

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Replacing Legacy Technology Platform Yields Increased Efficiency and Production

Learn how Terrapin overcame numerous implementation challenges when replacing a legacy technology platform for a Fortune 500 brokerage firm.

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Business Process Automation Reduces Overhead And Mitigates Compliance Risk

Learn how a Fortune 500 wealth management firm increased efficiency and improved compliance processes with workflow automation.

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