Reporting and analytics for wealth management firms

We turn your data into actionable information helping you make informed data-driven business decisions faster, earlier, and with confidence. Drive growth and increase sales productivity with analytics and performance insights, while reducing operational costs. Our reporting tools delivers business intelligence and analytics, providing a comprehensive outlook of the organization. By aggregating data from industry sources (ex: Pershing, First Clearing, DTCC/NSCC, etc.) all revenue and asset data is captured.

Now more than ever, data analytics is an invaluable resource for wealth management firms. We are focused on providing analytics tools to democratize data and foster data-driven insights. Our data analytics tools will help your firm achieve your business objectives and stay ahead of the competition by providing insights into client behavior, increasing sales, enhancing compliance, and improving decision-making.

See the big picture

See your data visualized and in a brand new light with easy-to-read charts and graphs. Get up-to-date metrics without compiling multiple reports or digging through spreadsheets. With your data in an accessible and summarized view, you can readily spot big-picture trends or drill down using different views and filters to uncover key insights. 

Sales management reporting delivers a complete picture of revenue and goals. The reports give a top-down perspective of a firm’s production and provide management views of income by region, branch, advisor, channel, product line, etc.

With real-time data, leadership can get a summary of the day’s production activity. Alternatively, they can pull up an exhaustive month-to-date detailing of every trade by every sales rep in every office. Analysis of referrals and revenue helps management optimize performance.


  • Data analytics tools
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Customizable reports
  • User friendly interface
  • Performance metrics
  • SQL query tools
  • Real-time data automation
  • Systems integration
  • Role-based access

Comprehensive and scalable

Having business intelligence reporting tools that capture a firm’s entire production provides executive staff with the information necessary to make critical decisions. Viewing aggregated data from a viewpoint that represents the branch and management structure allows leadership to pinpoint trouble areas and highlight success stories. When coupled with our general ledger integration, reporting can match a firm’s P&L, providing further analysis of the sales team. And it does not stop there – our reporting tools can be used at many levels within an organization to monitor activity and results – from operations to compliance, from finance to executive leadership.


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