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PandiaTerrapin’s Software-as-a-Service application, delivers timely and accurate business reporting and analytics, providing a comprehensive outlook of the sales organization. By aggregating data from industry sources (ex: Pershing, First Clearing, DTCC/NSCC, etc.) all revenue and asset data is captured in Pandia.

Pandia business reporting delivers a complete picture of revenue and goals. The reports give a top-down perspective of a firm’s production and provide management views of income by region, branch, advisor, channel, product line, etc.

With Pandia’s real-time data, leadership can get a summary of the day’s sales activity. Alternatively, they can pull up an exhaustive month-to-date detailing of every trade by every sales rep in every office. Analysis of referrals and revenue helps management optimize performance.


  • Data Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Interactive Tools
  • Performance Metrics
  • SQL Query Tools
  • Real-time Data
  • Systems Integration
  • Role-based Access
  • User Friendly
Sample Pandia Management Dashboard

*Sample Pandia Management Dashboard


Having business intelligence reporting tools that capture a firm’s entire production provides executive staff with the information necessary to make critical decisions. To see aggregated data from a viewpoint that represents the branch and management structure allows them to pinpoint trouble areas and highlight success stories. When coupled with Pandia’s general ledger integration, Pandia business reporting can match a firm’s P&L, providing further analysis of the sales team. And it does not stop there – Pandia can be used at many levels within an organization to monitor activity and results – from operations to compliance, from finance to executive leadership.

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