Data solutions for wealth management firms

Broker-dealers and RIAs receive and process financial data from a myriad of sources. Sources include brokerage, clearing providers, direct business, held away assets, and third-party marketers. This data comes in various formats due to a lack of industry standardization. Firms need to transform this data into a consistent and accessible structure so that the institution can use it for compensation, compliance, and operations.

Get your data in good order

This process of “getting your data in good order” is a mission-critical task, and unfortunately, many firms lack the internal resources (technology and personnel) to accomplish these activities. What’s more, although firms have volumes of financial data at their disposal, they’re unable to utilize this data as an asset. They struggle to fully leverage their data to create a complete picture of the business, increase revenue, track goals, and maximize efficiency.


  • Real-time data automation
  • Detailed revenue and asset data
  • Secure and reliable architecture
  • Strong data integrity controls
  • Reliable, clean data
  • Support and system monitoring
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Scalable architecture
  • Improves operational efficiency

Automated data aggregation

With our automated data aggregation solution, manual processes are reduced, and leadership can see the big picture — a global view of their business. We automate the processing of revenue and account data by directly gathering industry standard sources as well as proprietary data. Once this data is aggregated and centralized, our technology platform provides tools and reporting for the entire firm, including back office, compliance, management, and advisors.

Data automation delivers accurate commission payouts, timely compliance flags, up-to-date reporting, and precise client balances. Our platform interfaces with customers’ systems, vendors, and external distribution points. We provide ongoing data management ensuring data is complete, up-to-date, accurate, and secure.

Here is a sampling of our data sources and integrations

Fidelity Investments
First Clearing
LPL Financial
Raymond James
Interactive Brokers
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