Data Aggregation & Management


Every financial services company has financial activity and account data at their disposal. But not every organization leverages that data to create a complete picture of the business, increase revenue, track goals, and maximize efficiency. That’s where Terrapin Technologies comes in.

Terrapin Technologies’ data solutions platform, Pandia, offers comprehensive data aggregation, automation, and management. Pandia automates manual processes and delivers a global view of a financial institution’s business. Terrapin’s ongoing data management methodologies ensure that clients can count on data that is complete, up-to-date, accurate, and secure.



Pandia automates the processing of revenue, asset, and account data by directly gathering industry standard sources as well as proprietary client data. Once this data is aggregated and centralized, Pandia provides tools and reporting for the entire firm, including back office, compliance, management, and advisors. Data automation delivers accurate commission payouts, timely compliance flags, up-to-date reporting, and precise customer balances. Pandia interfaces with clients’ systems, vendors, and external distribution points.


  • Real-time Data Automation
  • Detailed Revenue & Asset Data
  • Secure & Reliable Architecture
  • Strong Data Integrity Controls
  • Reliable, Clean Data
  • Support & System Monitoring
  • Extensive Industry Knowledge
  • Supports Business Growth
  • Improves Operational Efficiency

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