Leveraging Data in Raymond James Bank and Credit Union Programs

A Webinar Hosted by Terrapin Technologies


The next event in Terrapin’s quarterly Leveraging Data webinar series will bring together leaders from banks and credit unions that partner with Raymond James Financial Institutions Division to explore best practices with leveraging data for visibility, efficiency, and risk management. This will be a traditional study group format focusing on industry leaders talking to and learning from each other — sharing their successes and challenges. 

Featured Panelists

Kristefor Lysne  President, Terrapin Technologies (host)

Holly Grellier  VP of Operations, Addison Avenue Investment Services

Rebecca Henderson  Operations Analyst, Addison Avenue Investment Services

Jennifer Schwebel  VP/Operations Manager, Fulton Financial Advisors 

Shannon Gorham  Project Manager, Fulton Financial Advisors

Jeremy Siragusa  Director of Brokerage Services, First National Bank

Discussion Topics

  • How does your firm currently utilize data from Raymond James, or otherwise, for decision making, efficiency, and/or minimizing risk.
  • What leading indicators are most important to how you manage your business? How do you collect and track that information?
  • What are you working on right now? How is data helping or hindering you?