Terrapin Technologies data quality checkup

Welcome to Terrapin Technologies' Data Quality Checkup

Are You Confident in Your Data?

Data is arguably your firm’s greatest asset, and a thoughtful data management strategy, along with the right tools, is essential to leveraging and getting the most value from that data. However, poor data quality can quickly erode your team’s confidence in the value of your data. Bad data can cause inaccurate reporting, compensation accounting errors, and misinformed decision-making.

Terrapin Technologies is now offering a free data quality checkup tool to help you evaluate the health of your data quality. We want to make sure you are getting the most out of this valuable asset. Take the first step in restoring confidence in your data.

This online checkup asks 10 brief questions and provides a score, summary of results, and guidance.


Please rate the following.


How complete is your data?


How usable is your data?


How accurate is your data?


How consistent is your data?


How timely is your data?


How confident are you in the overall quality of your data?


How frequently have you detected any errors in the data over the last year.


How would you rate the overall quality of your Financial Activity data? (ex: concessions, invested dollars, CDSC)


How would you rate the overall quality of your Books and Records data? (ex: customer, suitability, and trusted contacts)


How would you rate the overall quality of your Account data? (ex:  account performance, current balance, asset class)


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