The implementation process is complex and issues can arise from a multitude of sources. Causes include disparate data sources and receiving input from multiple subject matter experts. Terrapin’s project and change management processes safeguard against corrupt data and help prevent cost and time overruns. This is accomplished in three ways:

1. Implementation Project Team

Terrapin’s senior implementation team has been together for nearly 20 years. Drawing on experience from past successes, the Implementation Project Team works to clearly define project goals and milestones based on the unique needs of each client. The project team, which includes a director, relationship manager and system architect, coordinate development efforts to manage a successful implementation.

2. Data Quality

One of the largest challenges faced during an implementation is transferring the initial load of data into Pandia. Before the conversation, data is cleansed and processed by our team. Typically, there are several dual entry periods, where the initial load script is tested and data is validated. The order of data loading is very important and is often driven by analysis of the quality of data from each source. Terrapin’s lead conversion architect oversees this process, which will be discussed at length during kick off and throughout the entire implementation period.

3. Testing

During an implementation, all modifications are made in an implementation customer acceptance environment. After go-live, all new work moves through a test environment for a period of two weeks, then, following client sign-off, this work is deployed into the production environment.

As part of our testing process, all new work is validated internally by a QA team. During this testing process, a dedicated tester will be assigned to validate the work with the client. We recommend several periods of dual entry, where the existing system continues to operate business as usual. This gives Terrapin and the client time to evaluate any configurations or customizations that need to be made before going live.

We will be hands-on throughout the entire implementation process. Our broad knowledge of the industry, data management expertise and thorough testing processes ensure a smooth implementation. To learn more about how Terrapin can help your firm, email us at or give us a call at 612-244-2300.


Terrapin Technologies provides comprehensive data management solutions for broker-dealers. For over 20 years we have been refining our core product, Pandia, to meet our clients changing needs. Our mission is to bring order out of chaos for our clients and empower them to be efficient, profitable and compliant. Terrapin Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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