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Pandia is a comprehensive suite of software and processes that brings cohesion to a broker-dealer’s operations, including advisors, back office, compliance, and management. Pandia gives broker-dealers the knowledge and flexibility they need to run an efficient and growing business.

Data Aggregation & Management

Pandia integrates revenue, asset, and account data, by aggregating industry standard sources as well as custom feeds.

  • Account Aggregation
  • Revenue Aggregation
  • File Processing & Management
  • Data Warehouse Hub
  • API


Compensation & Commissions

Pandia creates the automation and organization necessary for the back office to process revenue data efficiently.

  • Revenue Reconciliation
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Commission & Expense Tracking
  • Advisor Hierarchy
  • General Ledger Reporting


Reporting & Analytics

Pandia delivers timely and accurate business reporting providing a comprehensive view of the sales organization.

  • Management Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • AUM Reporting
  • Sales Revenue Tracking & Reporting
  • Customizable Reports



Compliance Management

Pandia facilitates a compliance process that is coordinated and complete so that firms can swiftly respond to regulatory demands.

  • Suitability & Trade Surveillance
  • Exceptions Reporting
  • Regulatory Mailings
  • License Management
  • Fiduciary Management