Our free interactive data chart shows the percentage of revenue that advisors make at different production levels, based on data from the Kehrer Bielan 2018 Advisor Compensation Study.

We’ve created this interactive data chart to help you pull valuable insights for your advisor compensation planning. You can interact with the data, compare by firm size and advisor role, and extract the crucial insights you need from the latest in advisor compensation research.

    • Gross annual production vs. effective annual payout.
    • Filter data by advisor role, firm size, or a combination.
    • Compare and cross reference to your advisor’s payouts.

The foundation of a successful incentive compensation plan is built on strategic planning and benchmarking. Now’s the time to begin researching and designing your advisor compensation plans for the upcoming year. As we all know, talent retention remains a significant challenge for broker-dealers. In order to remain competitive, your compensation structures need to be in sync with the market and current trends.

Advisor Compensation Data Chart
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