Learn How Terrapin Helps Clients Overcome System Integration Challenges

Terrapin Technologies recently sponsored the Cramer-Beacon Technology Roundtable in Denver, Colorado. While there were many great conversations at this event, one topic in particular stood out to us: the need for Broker-Dealer’s to have an integrated technology platform and the challenges in making this a reality. There are numerous factors driving this; growth, especially due to mergers/acquisitions, and regulatory demands are at the top of the list.

Terrapin has been helping clients overcome system integration challenges in the following ways.

Data Hub

Our SaaS solution, is a comprehensive suite of software and processes that brings cohesion to a broker-dealer’s operations, including advisors, back office, compliance, and management. This is made possible by our data aggregation engine which integrates revenue, asset and account data from industry partners (Pershing, First Clearing, DTCC, etc.) as well as custom feeds in real-time. To further help clients build an integrated experience, our technology platform interfaces with client’s systems and vendors extracting and transmitting data. Having all the data in one centralized place brings accuracy and efficiency to the firm’s operations.

Service and Partnership

It’s not just data aggregation and software that sets us apart. Our technology is built on a foundation of service and partnership. We are committed to making a difference for our clients. We have years of experience working with client’s internal systems and processes. We know how to help them navigate through the policies and procedures that are associated with adopting and integrating new technology. We use standard tools to solve non-standard problems.

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