How does a bank-owned broker-dealer support referrals from bank employees while also providing data continuity and transparency? At Terrapin, we’ve designed the Referral Notification Email system which produces automated, personalized emails that communicate the details and outcome of each referral.

Referrals are regularly tracked in Pandia (our web-based data management system), so it only made sense that we would extend this functionality to bring further transparency to both the advisors and those working in bank branches. We integrated Pandia’s notification process with our client’s corporate email system to securely transmit communication within the confines of bank security. Partnering with the client’s marketing department, we designed and implemented a personal referral email that thanks the bank employee for their contribution, and shares with them the outcome of their efforts. By tapping into the valuable information we already capture, store, and display for our users, we have added increased value to the entire referral process.

Being able to effectively share information across teams is key to promoting cross department referrals and encouraging outside sales. Pandia’s flexible modules allow us to configure and customize the system to support, adapt to, and grow with your organization. By sharing data across teams and platforms, you can enhance cross-team collaboration and open new doors for growth.

This is another example of how we at Terrapin Technologies work with our clients to promote collaboration and data exchange. To learn more about how Terrapin can help your firm, email us at or give us a call at 612-244-2300.

Terrapin Technologies provides data management solutions and a strategic partnership approach to integrate all areas of a broker-dealer’s operations including accounting, CRM, commissions, compensation, compliance, and sales reporting. When Terrapin introduced Pandia in 1995, it became one of the first solution providers to offer a secure web-based application designed specifically for broker-dealers. Pandia is an integrated and scalable suite of tools and services that gives broker-dealers the knowledge and flexibility they need to run an efficient and growing business. Terrapin Technologies is a privately held company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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