Our Client’s Needs

Recently one of our clients informed us that they were opening a customer call center. Their intent was to have a dedicated team start to handle inbound calls to ensure detailed tracking would flow back to the advisor.

During initial conversations with the call center manager, the idea was to have call center agents tie notes with details of each conversation to existing customer records in Pandia’s CRM. Creating a custom note type to log calls would be an improvement, but this would not solve the lack of open communication between the agents and the advisor. Notes could be missed, resulting in a poor customer experience.

Our Solution

After preliminary planning, our development team designed a more innovative solution. Our call center application tracks call information while providing the tools and data to support the customer. Agents are able to quickly identify customers and record all aspects of the call through a simple and purpose-built interface. Advisors receive notification of actionable follow-ups, which allow them to engage with customers promptly.

Search and reporting functionality are also an integral component of our call center application. Advisors have the tools to locate vital call information swiftly while management has the data needed to tailor customer service that exceeds expectations. The call center app gives agents, advisors and management the resources to successfully manage the customer experience.

What Are Your Needs?

Through our strategic partnership with our clients, we are able to work together to improve processes across all disciplines of the broker-dealer business. We take great pride in being able to turn a basic idea into a powerful tool which enhances productivity and customer satisfaction. To learn more about how Terrapin can help your firm, email us at talk2us@terrapintech.com or give us a call at 612-244-2300.


Terrapin Technologies provides comprehensive data management solutions for broker-dealers. For over 20 years we have been refining our core product, Pandia, to meet our clients changing needs. Our mission is to bring order out of chaos for our clients and empower them to be efficient, profitable and compliant. Terrapin Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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